CCTV HD Channels

CCTV HD Channels

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CCTV- HD channels since January 1, 2008 May 1st formally test broadcast, broadcast, as of the end of 2010, has been in operation for three years. As China's first open broadcast Full HD, CCTV- HD channels, the successful completion of the Olympic Games in Beijing,the celebration of sixty years, the world cup as a representative of the events and activities of HD relaywork on program source, under the condition of the accumulation of a number of high clear programresources, and establish a set of HD evaluation standard and the standard price, on China's high-definition TVmarket, expand and CCTV HD process played an important role, but also accumulated valuable experiencefor CCTV HD TV programs, career development intechnology, personnel, management etc..

A, CCTV- HD development environment analysis in 2008,CCTV- HD channels play an important role in public demonstration of China's high-definition television industry is just in the initial stage, to enter in 2009,especially after September 28th, the development environment CCTV- HD has undergone tremendouschange, high standard ten TV simulcast marks the high-definition television the channel from the technicalcompetition into the competition.

The rapid increase of 1, the number of HD channels,technology competition into the competition

In September 28, 2009, CCTV-1, Beijing TV, Dragon TV,Hunan TV, Jiangsu TV, Heilongjiang TV, Zhejiang TV,Shenzhen TV 9, Guangdong TV satellite channellaunched high standard definition simulcast. In July 5, 2010, Tianjin TV also achieve high standard definitionsimulcast. This, together with the original CCTV- HD,CHC HD television channel, BTV- Documentary Channel HD, Shanghai new visual Channel HD four full HDchannels, China high-definition television channel and formed a "10+4" pattern. In September 2, 2010, SARFTissued a "notice" on further promote and regulate the development of high-definition television, put forward to make clear a requirement of capital investment,production, with the sowing rate and HD rate, technical quality and specification, program introduction and buy,channel, promotion and other aspects of the openground to further promote the development and standardization of high-definition television. Notification requirements, the existing high, standard definitionsimulcast channel, starting from September 28, 2010,with the HD HD broadcast multicast rate and HD broadcast rate must be higher than 70%, the same HD Channel prime time broadcast (18:30-23:00) all the programs, including film and television drama,meteorological and advertising, must be full HDbroadcast. In September 28, 2011 and strive to achievefull HD broadcast of the target. With the increasingnumber of HD channels, CCTV- HD channels in HD technology for competitive advantage is over, contentappeal will become the primary factor for the audience.

2, local television HDTV development efforts

The Hunan satellite TV programs, buying and the introduction of the TV drama has all the HD version;Jiangsu satellite TV to accelerate the upgrading of technology, increase investment in HD procurement,strengthen our program production personnel training; at the end of 2010, Gao Biaoqing also will be simulcast,Beijing TV art and Sport 2 HD channels, network will achieve Beijing TV broadcast TV, the 2 channels, high-definition network broadcast sports channel will becompleted in the first half of 2011; Shenzhen TV,Zhejiang TV and TV HD development is also very fast.

Promoting the 3, CCTV HD production capacity

The ability to produce CCTV HD is increased rapidly,especially in 2011, CCTV will gradually move into new Taiwan site office, will be the full realization of Full HD,the whole network, full text of broadcast, HDTV programproduction capacity will then be able to achieve 400 hours a day. Subject to the limitation of frequency, the short term high standard definition simulcast channel number isnot large, so there will be a lot of HD resources need to be HD broadcast platform. This means that in the short term, CCTV- HD channels can be integrated more HDCCTV program resources, rich programs. At the same time, HDTV program production capability, but also for the CCTV- HD self-made program provides the technical support. Can say, provides strong support for CCTV HDimprove production capacity for the subsequent development of CCTV- HD channel.

4, HD television user market gradually mature

With the rapid growth of cable TV users, high-definition TV market potential is gradually emerging, thedevelopment of CCTV- HD channel has laid a good foundation. According to statistics, in 2009 in Luodaconsulting, cable digital TV HD free transmission policy stimulus, Chinese cable digital TV HD user growth rate reached 480%. Characteristics of high definition TV usersreflected in high income, highly educated, high gradethree high population, gathered audience market has great potential. At the same time, high-definition television audience awareness and the anticipation is very high. According to the statistics of Luoda consulting,as of 2010 6 at the end of 93%, cable digital TV usersknow HD TV and channel, cable digital TV users 89% hope to watch high-definition TV and channel, which shows that the market cultivation in the audienceawareness and expectation has had a good harvest,CCTV- HD channel to raise awareness, expand influenceprovides a good foundation.

Two, CCTV- HD Channel and landing conditions

(a) program overview

1, the total broadcast and program type

Channel development route to full HD, CCTV- HD Channel quality. The channel broadcast 24 hours a day,4 hours in normal program first broadcast, sports events and event broadcast channel broadcast 8 hours,average. Since its launch


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