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Phoenix in February 9th "Hong Kong and Macao news"broadcast "Phoenix Satellite TV will be launched in Hongkong and Taiwan are broadcast" in Cantonese, the following words to live:

Jiang Shengyang: Hongkong TV media held a spring festival celebrations in the seventh day, Secretary forcommerce and Economic Development Bureau, Liu Wuhuilan in his speech said that with the development of digital technology, new, Hongkong TV and radio can provide more choices for the general public, and phoenixalso took the opportunity to announce, will begin broadcasting in Cantonese broadcasting station of Hongkong in March 28th.

Explanation: the implication of Hongkong media industry into the electronic and digital dance started Chinese New Year gathering top, attended the ceremony, director of Hongkong commerce and Economic Development Bureausaid Liu Wuhuilan, Hongkong's economic recovery over the past year, a very good development of media industry, the new year, I hope the media to put in more resources programme, contribute to enhance the localcultural and creative industry level. The digital broadcastand television new season, will be for the media industry development inject new vitality.

Liu Wuhuilan (director of Hongkong commerce and Economic Development Bureau): Recently we have seenthe development of Hongkong digital television and digital audio broadcasting, Hongkong's broadcasting industrywill become increasingly busy, and we the people of Hongkong, the audience, will also have more choices.

Explanation: responsible Hongkong each big mediaagencies to participate in the gathering, send new year blessing.

Zheng Shanqiang (TVB general manager): wish all the citizens of Hongkong Caiyuanguangjin, good luck in everything, vigorous spirit of the aged, but the mediaindustry All flowers bloom together.

Commentary: Hongkong Phoenix TV is announced, will be at the end of 3 on the Cantonese broadcasting station of Hongkong.

Liu Changle (Chairman of Phoenix TV, CEO): this year is the 15 anniversary of the birth of the Phoenix memorial day, born in Phoenix Satellite TV, very grateful toHongkong, in order to return to Hongkong, this year wewill launch in March 28th Phoenix speak cantonesePhoenix Hongkong station, in order to return to Hongkong, return Hongkong citizens and the government of Hongkong, return Hongkong the best media. We hope that all people can and we experienced togetherlater, ushered in the brilliant sunshine like today.

Explanation: the assembly also invited the past year has made great achievements in different sectors of thepeople of Hongkong to attend, sharing their strugglesand everyone.


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