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The five meeting of the eleven session of the Guangzhoumunicipal CPPCC Preparatory Office held a news conference, the Chinese people's Political Consultative Conference Secretary Li Weijie informed the relevantpreparations. The five meeting of the eleven session of the Municipal Political Consultative Conference will be held from February 20th to the morning of 25, held in Guangzhou, the duration of 5 days and a half. The opening of the meeting will be held in the politicalactivities, 31 government departments will acceptmembers of the Advisory, during the meeting, the CPPCC proposal will be put online, public consultation. It is reported, a Guangzhou TV with satellite channels, the declaration of basic reason and the feasibility report has been completed.

Specific arrangements and in the five session of the eleven CPPCC roughly the same. The opening of the meeting will be held in the political activities, compared with last year, to accept the committee advisorydepartments increased from 19 to 31. The conference will be held February 22nd 19:00-21:00, invite somemembers of the CPPCC, "to speed up transformation and upgrading, construction of happy Guangzhou" theme inan online interview.

Conference information service network(http://WWW.GZZX.GOV.CN) will be officially opened on February 20th, with a "member" blog ", including publicaffairs" and other columns, Congress also launched a mobile phone website (

The news conference, city CPPCC proposals appoint vice director Ji Keguang introduces, last year a total of 595 pieces of the proposal submitted, 564 were registered,the number and register number proposals are the most.

Such as "on Guangzhou TV with satellite channeladvice" attach great importance to Party Secretary Zhang Guangning, mayor Wan Qingliang and other party and government leaders, and were given instructions, asked relevant departments to seriously study, put forwardimplement scheme. About Guangzhou TV with satellite channel, the declaration of basic reason and thefeasibility report has been completed.

Ji Keguang said, in order to improve the quality of the proposal, this year will the plenary session on the Internet before open to the community to solicit proposals forclues, change the Internet to open all the year round to solicit proposals cue column.


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