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The California El Segundo Satellite TV news

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The California El Segundo and Luxemburg Betzdorf--(American business information) --SES S.A.(Paris:SESG) (LuxX:SESG) and Boeing (Boeing)announced today, SES has selected the Boeing to build a new communications satellite SES-9, to serve the fast-growing Asian markets.

The new satellites by Associate Company SES SatelliteLeasing SES Ltd ordering, will provide direct to homeradio and other communications services and provides the ability for maritime communications for India oceanfleet in the Northeast Asia, South Asia and Indonesia to expand SES.

The satellite will be in the 108.2 degrees east longitudeorbital, provide more capacity and replace the capacity of this Asian established SES orbit, the original SES-7and NSS-11 satellite is also located in the orbit.

SES-9 will be based on the Boeing 702HP platform builtat Boeing's El Segundo satellite development center.According to the design, the satellite will be in geosynchronous orbit running for 15 years, effective loadpower is 12.7 kilowatts, contains 57 Ku band high power(equivalent to 81 x 36 MHz). The satellite will orbit all the orbit maneuver carrying a xenon ion propulsion system(XIPS), and carrying a chemical bipropellant system as the initial orbit.

Boeing has had 25 years of cooperation with SES. SES-9 is the SES eleventh spacecraft from Boeing orders, andordered a contract contains additional satellite options.The transaction of financial information is not disclosed.

SES president and CEO Romain Bausch said: "we look forward to with Boeing on the satellite to add our globalfleet of cooperation: SES-9 will significantly expand our Asian transmission capacity, at the same time as a strategic orbit to add more flexibility and redundancy.SES sure, Boeing's 702HP will prove it for the boomingmarket in Asia to provide advanced high power satellite capacity is very important."

Boeing Satellite Systems International chief executive,Boeing Space & Intelligence Systems, vice president and general manager Craig Cooning said: "we are very pleased to be selected SES to build a highly flexible702HP satellite, the satellite has propulsion systems and chemical bipropellant system configuration unique XIPS,reduce the weight of the spacecraft launch, at the same time to achieve the maximum payload. Since the 702design in 15 years before the launch, Boeing has beenthe development of the design, we can provide a can satisfy the business requirements for SES satellite."


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